June 29, 2022

A Short History Of Footwear & Fasteners

After millennia of shoe laces and buckles, welcome to the age of plastic fasteners When we see how long...
June 6, 2022

NIFCO – Supply Chain Logistics For Sustainable Manufacturing

Increase profitability & reduce business risk by collaborative B2B plastics reuse & recycling The Triple Bottom Line Revisited John...
Why Shoes Need Lace Locks-03
Why Shoes Need Lace Locks

Lace Locks Offer The Best Fit Solution For Safe, Comfortable Footwear Walking and running can be dangerous. Slips, trips and …

UN Takes Action On Plastic Waste Management

Plastic Fastener Manufacturer Addresses The Challenges Of Sustainable Production At the recent 5th UN Environment Assembly Summit on waste management …

Cord Puller “Packable Lock”

Say goodbye to tangled cords and snags from loose ends Our new cord fastener solves the problem of what to …

Speed Lace Cord Lock “UX Design”

Intuitive lace lock that’s easy for fatigued athletes to use When pushing themselves to the limit athletes need to confidently …

Cord Lock “infinity Design”

Our latest compact and lightweight cord lock for sports apparel is lighter than ever Nifco’s Infinity Design Cord Lock is …

Buckle Company’s first DX exhibition “NIFCO DIGITAL DAY” held

first fully ON-LINE DX exhibition “NIFCO DIGITAL DAY Autumn/Winter 2021


Up-NIFCO uses recycled nylon materials that recover end materials generated in the fabric manufacturing process for apparel.