Lace Locks


The Ultimate Lace Locks

Nifco lace locks provide easy and secure lace locking for people of all ages and activities. Our lace locks meet the needs of children for healthy supportive footwear and provide the ultimate stability and security demanded by performance athletes.

Lace Locks, Guides & Ends
– A High Performance System

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Ultra-Light Lace Locks
Speed Lace Locks

Lace Locks, Guides & Ends - A High Performance System

Nifco designs lace locks as integrated systems that maximise performance at every stage. Lace locks provide the ultimate in secure and stable fastening. Lace guides reduce the sliding friction of the lace for smoother operation of the lace lock. Lace ends need to be easy to grasp and can be used to hide loose ends and improve appearance.

Ultra-Secure, Ultra-Light Lace Locks

Ultra-secure and ultra-light, the LX range is 11% lighter than previous models of standard lace lock without compromising form or functionality. Focused on meeting the needs of high performance runners for lightweight but highly reliable lace locks that are easy to use even when hands are tired at the end of a long run.


Speed Lace Locks

  • Lace lock + Lace end  = SPLC
The Nifco speed lace system (SPLC) is a significant innovation in lace lock technology. SPLC provides instant, secure fastening, and is available in gear locking and sliding anchor lock versions to provide the most secure fit for any application. Laboratory tests indicate the Nifco SPLC system provides increased health benefits over traditional laces by increasing foot stability.

Nifco Applications

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