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Nifco offer a range of high performance side release SR buckles suited for mountains and harsh conditions as well as urban style side release buckles for a sleek, contemporary look. Our innovations in side release buckles include unparalleled non-slip security to prevent tape slipping through the buckle through vibration or when under tension over curved surfaces such as poles and sleeping bags.

side release plastic buckles
Innovative Side Release Buckles
Urban Style Side Release Buckles

Innovative Non Slip SR Buckles

Traditional SR buckles will slip due to twisting and vibration caused by normal wearer movement unless they are completely vertically or horizontally aligned and kept under high tension. The Nifco SRGT series of side release buckles have been designed to address this challenge in the harshest of conditions.

Non-Slip Side Release Plastic Buckles

Our SRGT side release plastic buckle has a light-weight locking mechanism that is easy to open and close securely with minimal effort, even through padded gloves. The mechanism is also self-cleaning and reliable in snow or mud. The SRGT side release buckle maintains optimum tension even when loaded over curved surfaces, so valuable poles and mats stay attached and are not lost along the way.

Urban Style SR Buckles

The BBU25 urban style belt side release buckle is an example of Nifco’s capability to address fashion design principles without losing performance. Many side release buckle designs are cluttered with grip contours and tape loops. This distracts from garment styling, and reduces options for designers to develop their brand.

Simple design / Big logo area
Ultra Low - profile body
Easy to release

Side Release Buckles For Fashionable Clothing

We have focused on simple, purposeful, styling with minimal detailing to enable designers to free their imagination. The BBU25 presents a simple design with clean lines, ultra-low profile, easy release and large area for brand placement. Our urban style side release buckles complement the sleek, comfortable, fashionable designs that contemporary consumers prefer.

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