Best Fit Solutions

Connecting people
and products through innovative design


Design Philosophy

All products designed for use on the human body need to deliver the optimum fit from the perspective of the wearer as well as optimum performance in terms of engineering and design features. Humans decide the value of a product, so our designs focus on the human experience of using them.

The Best Fit is the Best Design

We include this philosophy in our business concept of ‘best fit’ – our products need to provide the most effective and efficient solution for our corporate customers, and the ‘best fitting’ option for consumers in terms of comfort, convenience and being fit for purpose – whether it is a backpack buckle, or our new speed lacing system (SPLC) for shoes.

Making the Right Connections

Connecting People to Products

Buckles and fasteners are traditionally valued for connecting products to other products. For our mid-term planning, looking towards 2023, we are developing the message that our buckles and fasteners are designed to connect humans comfortably and effectively to products. This holistic, human-centred view focuses on quality as a customer experience.

Connected to Consumers

Nurturing a positive consumer experience and including people’s narratives and feedback about their use and experience of the product are core elements of the Nifco philosophy for optimised product design as well as providing excellent opportunities for promotion and brand positioning in the marketplace.

Connected to Current Trends

Our refocusing of our buckle and fastener development on human needs for a solution that provides a ‘best fit’ is aligned with contemporary demands upon our customers to produce ergonomic, sustainable products that are effortless to use.

Connected to our Customers

Our strong history of collaborative design enables us to share our experience and technological solutions to build the best fit with our customers to develop products that spark the imaginations of consumers. Collaborative excellence in best fit design combined with excellence in quality experience is the Nifco design philosophy.

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