Nifco supports brand competitiveness by enabling our clients’ creative ideas to become attractive, functional products manufactured to the highest quality standards. Assured Nifco quality and regulatory compliance enables you to focus on marketing and delivering your brand to customers while we maximize sustainability and performance. 

Quality is a Customer Experience-01

At Nifco we believe quality is a customer experience that reflects our philosophy of best fit for people and planet. Excellence in design, manufacturing, and management delivers the best possible result for our clients, and increases customer satisfaction with the fit, function, visual appearance and sustainability of your brand.

Experience The Nifco Journey From Concept to Finished Product

Quality is a Customer Experience-02

Nifco is with you all the way to help you develop your initial concept into a finished product. Our experienced research and development team have the skills and expertise to guide you through the entire process and ensure the results exceed your expectations. 

We bring extensive experience in all types of plastic buckle and fastener design and have made significant investments of technology and resources in maximizing sustainability in our designs. Our contribution to the success of your brand is holistic, based on working in partnership for mutual success.

What are four benefits of product development with Nifco?

  1. Continuous improvement in design is matched with evidence-based research 
  2. Internationally recognized manufacturing quality standards
  3. Certified sustainability through material reduction, reuse and recycling
  4. Sustainable, lightweight, high performance products maximize customer satisfaction

One element of our innovative sustainable designs is our proven capabilities in manufacturing from recycled and recyclable POM plastics. Nifco’s use of recycled materials is embedded in our continuous improvement principles and constant striving to refine our product lines to anticipate emerging market and customer needs. 

Our recycled POM buckles and fasteners feature a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled material, and we are happy to evaluate any POM design to identify if it can be manufactured in recycled POM or recycled PA6 nylon. Our long experience in injection molding enables us to rapidly determine any modifications required to ensure success.

Innovative Nifco designs embed quality with sustainability

Quality is a Customer Experience-02

The ER130AM/F & CA725H bungee cord lock buckle and hook for 2.5mm cord shown above are examples of the excellence of Nifco innovation in design and manufacturing. These simple, lightweight, cord locks are manufactured from recycled POM Nylon from the electrical and electronics industry for maximum sustainability.

A major breakthrough in plastic buckle design is our development of reliable, durable, metal-free springs for cord locks, featured in our recycled PA6 product line. The removal of metal from plastic buckles and fasteners makes them more easily recycled and also reduces weight and complexity for a more reliable, sustainable, product. 

Nifco works with you to realize your brand & product goals

When you work with Nifco, you discover our focus on delivering the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction, and a commitment to sustainability in our supply chain and product manufacturing that meets or exceeds the latest global standards to ensure compliance with all international sustainability measures. 

Our dedication to the highest principles of design and manufacturing excellence go hand in hand with our commitment to our sustainability action roadmap and our philosophy of always delivering the best fit for people and planet in all our products and services.

Contact us to discover how we can not only turn your ideas into functional products, but also give you the best possible product designs for your brand without compromising on sustainability, performance and style.