SPLC lace lock donations help to reduce childhood disease and disability

We are donating our innovative SPLC lace locks to Step30, an international aid organization that distributes shoes to children in Africa. A problem with donating shoes to African children is that donated shoes may have missing or worn laces, laces easily come undone, and children may have difficulty tying laces. Lace locks make it easy for anyone to wear shoes comfortably.

Why do African children need shoes with lace locks?

  • Children in sub-saharan Africa suffer from infected sand fly bites
  • Sand flies fly close to the ground, so wearing shoes significantly reduces the number of bites
  • Used shoes donated to charities often have no laces or laces that are worn and dirty
  • Some children in Africa may not be good at tying laces, and may not be comfortable wearing shoes that don’t fit well
  • Giving African children shoes with lace locks guarantees they will be able to wear them comfortably
  • This increases the chance that children will wear their new shoes and protect themselves against sand fly bites

Why are Step30 giving shoes to African children?

In sub-saharan Africa, sand flies are a common pest that causes infection and disease in children and adults. The most serious disease carried by sand flies is leishmaniasis, which causes painful sores and can be fatal.

Recommendations to use insect repellants, air-conditioning and screens are not affordable or practical for the poorest people in Africa, so the only way to reduce the danger of sand fly bites is to cover up exposed skin.

Because sand flies usually rest and fly close to the ground, they most commonly bite people on the feet and ankles. Wearing shoes is a simple way to stop sand flies biting your feet. The Step30 program to donate shoes to children in Africa is a simple, inexpensive way to improve children’s health.

Why are Nifco lace locks the perfect choice for children’s shoes?

Donated shoes may not have shoelaces, and if they do they may be worn or damaged. When laces wear out it is expensive to replace them. Children may also have difficulty tying shoelaces, which frequently come undone. We recognized the need for SPLC lace locks to solve these problems. Nifco lace locks are compact and durable, with a simple mechanism that makes them easy for children to use.

It is important that shoes fit well and are comfortable, so they need to be laced properly to stop the sand flies getting in. SPLC lace locks offer a reliable way of ensuring shoes are securely fastened every time, but are also very easy to undo. Shoelaces easily come undone and this can be dangerous, especially for active children.

When we thought about the problem facing Step30 with their shoe donations, we saw how easy it would be for us to help by donating our SPLC lace locks. As an initial contribution, we provided Step30 with 3,000 of our SPLC lace locks, and plan to continue working with them in the future.

Why are Nifco SPLC lace locks great for children?

  1. Simple replacement without modification for standard shoelaces
  2. Pull to tighten, automatic locking action is easy to use
  3. Intuitive squeeze-and-pull action to loosen
  4. Secure locking removes the problem of laces coming undone
  5. Durable, long-lasting and light-weight

The Nifco SPLC® Speed Lace Lock Range

Available in the 8 solid colors shown above and 4 striped colors, Nifco SPLC speed lace locks are styled to match with any type of footwear. Originally designed for track athletes and high performance technical footwear, the SPLC range looks just as good today on formal and casual shoes of all types.

The mechanism of our patented lace lock systems couldn’t be easier to operate, just squeeze and pull. Perfect for tiny hands, older people, and tired athletes who just want to make their feet more comfortable without the hassle of tying laces that just come undone again.

Nifco lace locks are the best-fit solution

Nifco speed lacing systems, lace locks, cord locks and cord stoppers are the best fit solution for our customers to maximize the comfort and ease of use of their branded products. Combining functionality, excellent appearance, and innovative sustainable designs, there is a Nifco solution whatever your fastening needs.

We also continue to meet our goal of creating ‘the best fit for people and planet.’ Our innovative lace lock, buckle and fastener designs are built to meet the highest sustainable principles for recyclability, use of recycled materials, and in-house material reduction and waste management.

Using Nifco fasteners gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing immediately that there will be at least one part of your product that can be instantly relied upon. Contact us to discover how we can help you enhance your brand with our customer-focused fastener products.