Lightweight, breathable clothing has always been a fond favorite for runners. The development of the running vest offers additional benefits for runners who want convenient storage, hydration options or improved visibility to improve their running experience. 

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What is the appeal of running vests?

A well designed running vest delivers increased comfort for runners in hot or cold weather without adding unnecessary weight to their running gear. Runners today want to have quick access to their phone for music or to check their performance through running apps, and to be able to quickly and easily rehydrate without breaking pace.

What are 4 reasons for the adoption of running vests by modern runners?

  1. Ergonomic storage pockets and compartments
  2. Reflective materials for improved safety
  3. Well fitted vests reduce fatigue compared to backpacks
  4. Convenient carry options for additional warm or weatherproof layers

A well designed running vest will have colorful or reflective elements to attract attention and increase safety for road and urban running, especially after dark. Hydration vests will have built in water bladders, which enable you to carry enough water for a healthy run without needing to carry bottles. All vests feature secure compartments for phones, keys, and small items.

Fitness research in performance training and physical conditioning using vests has achieved positive results by distributing training weight evenly for free movement. By not stressing specific muscle groups, this promotes natural fitness and reduces the risk of injury.


Why do runners choose running vests instead of backpacks?

Running with a backpack changes natural posture and balance compared to wearing a running vest, and for most runners the volume of gear needed is too small to justify a backpack. Many runners may find a backpack so hot and uncomfortable that they end up just carrying it, which is guaranteed to ruin your running experience! 

What are 3 reasons driving people to choose running vests instead of backpacks?

  1. Improved freedom of movement
  2. A more natural, balanced, fit
  3. Better ventilation

People have tried alternatives like wearing phones in holsters on their arms, and carrying ergonomic water bottles in their hands, but these are half-measures that don’t give the complete freedom of movement needed to maintain good balance and running style.

It’s important that a runner gets the benefits from their vest in being able to carry items that would otherwise need them to use a backpack, but without the sensation of bulk, restricted movement, or imbalance that comes from carrying a pack.

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What is the secret of a comfortable running vest?

Running vests need to maintain the lightweight convenience of running gear without encumbrances, be easy to wear, and not snag or catch on other clothing or accessories while the wearer is enjoying their run. Cord locks are a standard feature for convenient adjustment while on the run.

The clean lines and easy operation of Nifco’s ultralight CA series running vest closures, pictured above, are designed to ensure that the running vest fits securely for ultimate comfort and core stability. Our innovative single part design removes trailing cords, bulky toggles and clasps that can snag or distract the runner. 

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Nifco delivers function with style for all types of athletic wear

The Nifco CA725H bungee closure shown here reflects our best fit for people and planet approach to minimal, sustainable, functional designs with fashionable flare that appeals to customers. The ergonomic crossover design CA Series was developed from our experience in highly successful shoe, apparel and backpack fasteners. 

  • Smooth, snag-free design
  • No trailing cords
  • Functional & fashionable
  • Sustainable manufacturing from recycled POM 

The CA Series eliminates trailing cords and distracting toggles for a natural, comfortable running experience, which makes the running vest less noticeable and helps the wearer focus on enjoying their lifestyle choice without distractions.

Nifco’s excellence and quality management is combined with more than half a century of material and molding expertise. Contact us to discuss how we can help you satisfy consumer demand for fashionable, lightweight, strong, sustainable buckles for all types of athletic wear.