Cord Locks


The Ultimate Cord Locks

Nifco cord locks are the ultimate solution for accessible fastening, featuring easy handling that makes them attractive choices of cord lock fastener for people of all ages and ability. Our innovations in box-type and tab-type cord locks meet the demand for low profile cord locks that are easy to use and do not upset the lines and style of fashionable clothes.
Fashion Conscious Cord Locks
Stress Free Cord Lock Operation

Fashion Conscious Cord Locks

People today are accustomed to wearing outdoor high-performance jackets in the city. Because of this, a major designer asked us if we could make cord locks that do not flap around so they could be hidden in the design without affecting function. The aim was to enable high-performance clothes to be more fashionable.
cord locks

Hidden Cord Locks

The CL38A cord lock has a flat, square profile designed to meet these requirements. It can be hidden under fabric but is still easy to locate and use without affecting the style of the garment. The innovative design increases stability and reduces operational stress.

Stress Free Cord Lock Operation

Classic cord locks are cylinders, with a spring loaded push button at one end. These traditional cord lock designs are hard to operate one-handed without twisting. This is because they are longer than they are wide and the pressure required to unlock them makes them unstable.

Flat Cord Locks

Like our CL38A cord lock, the CLTMA cord locks are flat, removing the problem of twisting during operation. The CLTMA has an innovative tab-type lock that guarantees easy location and fastening when out of sight. The CLTMA offers extremely secure fastening suitable for snow shoes, gloves and other high-performance use, but is easy for children and older people to operate.

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