Lace Locks Offer The Best Fit Solution For Safe, Comfortable Footwear

Walking and running can be dangerous. Slips, trips and falls are hazardous, and research demonstrates poorly fitting footwear is a common and significant cause of pain and preventable injury. Keeping your shoe secure with well designed fasteners, laces or lace locks is an easy way to improve fit and comfort.

The study found that the majority of people do not wear shoes that fit properly, however, which means this is a serious, but preventable, problem. So what features of shoe design and shoe fasteners are the most important in making shoes comfortable and safe?

Shoe Design Does Not Reduce Injuries

Surprisingly, studies have shown that the footbed and structure of the shoe are not very important in reducing injuries. In fact the recommendation is that a shoe should be minimally designed, so it does not change your natural walking or running motion. So those high stacked trainers are probably not the best choice for your feet.

Humans developed the skills and physical abilities to walk and run long before we invented footwear, so perhaps this should not be a surprise! It makes sense that wearing shoes that change the way your body moves is not going to be good for your health and may make you more likely to injure yourself. 

A Good Shoe Promotes Natural Movement

A good shoe is comfortable, and allows your body to follow your natural ‘preferred movement path’ – which is how you would move without any shoes at all. It’s not practical to suggest that we don’t wear shoes however – modern life makes it necessary to protect our feet from our environment. We do need to think about selecting shoes that work for us, and not ones that make us work harder.

The secret is how to make a shoe more comfortable and secure without affecting natural movement. If a comfortable feel comes from a shoe that allows you to move naturally, you also need to make sure that your laces, fasteners or lace locks will keep that shoe securely fitted so you don’t feel your foot moving around inside it.

Keeping Your Foot Secure Makes All The Difference

It’s not surprising that further research demonstrates how important it is that your shoe is secure on your foot, based on comparisons between elastic fittings and laced fittings. The study measured the difference in comfort, pressure on the base of the foot, and movement of the heel for the same running shoe with an elastic fit and when secured with shoelaces.

Securely laced shoes were much better at controlling foot movement and ensuring a comfortable fit, and the researchers thought this would also reduce the likelihood of injury. To get the best fit for any shoe a secure lacing system is essential. The most secure way of fastening your shoes is by using lace locks, which can be precisely adjusted, and do not come undone.<br><br>

The Best Fit Solution

The patented Nifco lace lock systems are easily adjustable for the best fit, and keep your laces fixed securely under all conditions for maximum comfort and safety. We manufacture our lace locks using recycled plastics, and our innovative reduced weight design minimizes the use of plastics to maintain high performance with minimal environmental impact.

Nifco lace locks are integrated systems that maximize performance, delivering the ultimate secure and stable fastening for footwear. Lace guides reduce sliding friction for smoother operation of the lace lock, and our lace ends are easy to grasp, improving appearance by covering loose ends.

Nifco, the best fit solution for people and planet