Nifco supports children’s growth by manufacturing shoe fasteners specifically designed to meet their needs at each stage of their development. This enables children to progress to adult style footwear in easy steps without difficulty or risk of trips and falls caused by shoelaces.

Shoe Fasteners For All Ages-Y01

Shoe fasteners for babies and infants

The principle of our range of fasteners for babies and infants is simple. We know parents want an easy, secure, and safe way to put shoes on the smallest feet. This is why we have developed side opening, one-handed closure with easy, quick & safe bungee lace fastening. One handed closure leaves a hand free to support your child and carefully guide their foot into the shoe.  

What are the features of Nifco’s shoe fasteners for babies and infants?

  • Side opening 
  • Easy in
  • Secure lock
  • QR308F – Tape size 8mm
  • QR3030M – Lace size 3.0 mm
  • Material: (recycled) POM

Our QR308F fastener (above left) takes a tape size of 8mm and pairs with the QR3030M fastener (above right), which accepts bungee laces between 2.5 and 3.0mm. Both are manufactured from POM, and can be wholly or partially manufactured using recycled materials for maximum sustainability.

Shoe Fasteners For All Ages-03

How do we meet children’s footwear needs as they grow up?

Young children have different needs to babies and infants, they may still need help with their shoes, but the easier we can make it for them to fasten their own shoes, the faster they will learn. Nifco speed lacing closures are simple and easy to use, and give the lacing and security of grown-up footwear without any hassle. 

Nifco fasteners for young children

  • Proven lace lock technology by Nifco
  • LX4251A lace lock
  • LX2201A ultra lightweight fastener
  • Textured surface options for improved grip
  • Material: (recycled) POM

Having confidence in the security and fit of Nifco speed lacing closures makes it safer for children when they start outdoor activities and becoming more independent in their play and social activities. Our LX425 series of lace locks have been proven to be the best choice for adult athletic footwear, and continue to be an excellent option for security and ease of use at any age.

The LX4251A (above left) is typical of the latest generation of Nifco fasteners for 2024. Also available with a textured surface, or in the ultralight LX2201A version (above right). Material: (recycled) POM, also available with a textured grip surface. Both lace locks are designed for laces of 2.0-2.5mm in diameter.

Shoe Fasteners For All Ages-Y02

The innovative flat lace snap closure from Nifco 

Flat lace and snap closure gives the look and style of laces with easy and secure fastening and no knots to learn. This style is perfect for slightly older children who want to feel the satisfaction of fastening their own laces, and makes life a bit easier for parents as well!

This is a Nifco crossover design using technologies related to cap and cuff fasteners for other types of clothing, and is one of our latest innovations in footwear fastening in recycled materials, pursuing the Nifco philosophy of best fit for people and planet.

Shoe Fasteners For All Ages-Y03

Nifco bungee lace closures help Juniors to be more confident

Ideal for sports and the healthy active lifestyles of young people, Nifco bungee lace closures are easy and intuitive to use, but extremely strong and secure, ideal for sports shoes and reducing the risk of accidents caused  by tangled laces.

Shoe Fasteners For All Ages-05
  • NX830WA bungee lace closure
  • Tape size: 10mm
  • Material: (recycled) POM
  • Bungee lace size 2.5-3.0

Nifco’s NX830WA bungee lace closure features central tape attachment with high tensile strength, and lace attachment on the front of the shoe to keep laces tidy and safely tucked away. 

Shoe Fasteners For All Ages-08

Children’s footwear fasteners that parents will love

The Nifco philosophy of best fit for people and planet  is supported by Nifco’s experience of more than half a century delivering excellence to our customers of all ages. Contact us to discover how we can be your perfect partner for buckles and fasteners designed to meet the exacting needs of parents for high quality, comfortable, safe and sustainable children’s footwear. 

We release a steady stream of high quality fasteners and buckles through the summer period, from June through August. Please check in with your sales contact or ask to be updated through our mailbox service to ensure you stay up to date with all our latest offerings.