Nifco’s creative ideas look outside category boundaries for ways to reinvent plastic buckles to match the latest fashion trends. We respond quickly to our customer needs for plastic buckle manufacturing that keeps products up to date with consumer preferences.

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How do changes in consumer demand affect plastic buckle manufacturing?

Preferences for plastic buckles as part of clothing and footwear styling are strongly influenced by changes in fashion trends and consumer preferences. Plastic buckle manufacturers need to be able to anticipate and respond to changes in demand to supply plastic buckles and fasteners that support their customers’ competitiveness.

How Does a Plastic Buckle Manufacturer Respond to Changes in Consumer Fashion?

Is a large portfolio of proven plastic buckle designs enough to meet all demands?

Although Nifco has an extensive catalog of designs that are fully tested and proven in urban and outdoor environments, we know that sometimes our customers want something truly original. This is why we have a highly responsive design team, who are always ready to work with our customers to realize their new ideas and assist in creating new, fresh looks for their footwear and apparel designs.

What are eight advantages of working with Nifco?

  1. Tested and proven established designs manufactured to the highest quality standards
  2. Sustainable plastic manufacturing in POM and PA6 Nylon
  3. Products that meet global standards for environmental and consumer certification
  4. Outdoor & urban styled buckles & fasteners
  5. Hidden, ultraslim fasteners for sleek, clean lines
  6. Highly responsive design team
  7. Extensive expertise in customization and modification for bespoke fastening systems
  8. Rapid prototyping and large scale production capabilities

The Nifco range includes fashion conscious hidden and urban styled buckles as well as options for full customization to meet changes in consumer fashion preferences. Our rapid prototyping and manufacturing of new designs and use of innovative and sustainable materials maintains leadership in meeting every possible requirement you may have.

Nifco: how we think outside the box to develop new product lines

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The Nifco philosophy of best fit for people and planet is seen in the excellence, quality,  and sustainability that we bring to your brand. We are not constrained by traditional category boundaries that restrict the capability to develop and manufacture new products to meet the changing needs of our customers.

The CAM series single-corded cord locks pictured above are an excellent example of our innovative, groundbreaking approach to new product designs. Manufactured from 100% recycled PA6 nylon with a springless cam lock that removes metal from the production line, reduces weight and improves recyclability. Slim and functional, the CAM series can be easily hidden in apparel designs for a sleek, modern look.

Our established skill in cross-innovation between product lines reduces development time, increases efficiency and offers the potential synergy to build style families of related products with fashionable consumer appeal. We also have the range and diversity to find multiple solutions for a single fastener concept, enabling us to respond to any design vision.

What Nifco products are designed to use across clothing, backpack, and footwear categories?

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Nifco bungee locks and min-closure systems are examples of how we have taken advantage of our market leadership in innovative cord and webbing locks to create a range of related products that share similar design characteristics and features but can be used across the full range of fashion applications. The CLUW1 cord lock shown above is typical of this design synergy.

The entire CLU series of low-profile integrated cord locks can be used for clothing, backpack lacings and footwear lace locks. Ultra-flat CLU cord locks are designed to easily snap together and create secure, ultra-light, ultra-strong fasteners that complement fashion styles across matching clothing and accessories.

How does Nifco integrate multiple designs into special purpose fasteners?

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Our other innovation is the concentration of different plastic buckle and fastener design characteristics to develop a full featured range of solutions to classic issues in buckle and fastener applications. Nifco integrated cord locks and the FW25 speed lacing fastener family demonstrate how we can produce multiple styles of fasteners that meet the same basic challenges of effective fastener design without compromising on appearance or style.

In today’s competitive markets we are constantly opening up opportunities to use our plastic buckles and fasteners in new applications, exploring outside the traditional category boundaries of cord locks, toggles and lacing systems. Contact us to find out how we manage to continuously innovate while remaining faithful to our dedicated pursuit of the best in sustainable, high performance fastener design.