Corporate Social Responsibility

Connecting people
and products through innovative design


Connecting People To Their Choice Of Lifestyle

Getting the best fit from your footwear can’t be done by just tying laces together. Nifco footwear fasteners are designed to connect people with their clothing and environment.

We see that fasteners for footwear are more than physical connections between objects: they connect people to the lifestyle of their choice.

Personal Well-Being

We see ourselves as an important link in a chain of personal care and support that extends from our suppliers to our customers, acting to safeguard the welfare and quality of life of workers and families across continents and cultures.
Ensuring our employees receive the utmost consideration for their life/work balance is part of our corporate philosophy and is reflected in appropriate adjustments and benefits available to all staff members founded in principles of equality and fairness.
We take steps to make sure our suppliers also focus on employee support and welfare. We do not work with suppliers who cannot provide evidence that they offer fair and equitable conditions to their workforce.

Environmental Well-Being

Our commitment to recycling and environmental protection starts with product design and continues through to manufacture. In parallel we initiate and participate in social and environmental actions to encourage and support sustainable living and lifestyle choices
  • Certification, measurement and tracking of defined sustainability targets
  • Post consumer recycling (PCR)
  • Reduction and reuse of internal waste – ReNifco
  • Recycling of ‘soft,’ hard to recycle materials and bio-based content
  • Outward-looking social and environmental actions to support greener living and society

Social Well-Being

At Nifco, we reflect on how our company improves and supports society and the quality of life and living standards for communities. This includes education, charitable work, and following government initiatives and requirements (for example in our response to Covid-19).
  • Sponsorship of Sporting Events
  • Annual Beach Cleaning
  • Community Recycling Initiatives
  • Healthy & Sustainable Products

Sponsorship of Sporting Events

We regularly sponsor sporting events, which provides benefits in encouraging healthy exercise and opportunities to ask participants for advice and feedback on product development and improvement, maintaining a close connection between our product design and end users of our products.

Annual Beach Cleaning

Every year Nifco employees participate in a beach cleaning initiative to raise the profile of responsible waste management and waste reduction as well as improve the local environment. This is also an opportunity to bring employees together in a positive and healthy pursuit that strengthens employee relationships and well-being.

Community Recycling Initiatives

Nifco initiates and participates in community recycling initiatives focused on increasing awareness of recycling options. We encourage our staff to be involved in these community events to support positive messages about recycling and environmental protection.

Healthy & Sustainable Products

As part of our research & design programme, Nifco partners with educational institutions to evaluate the physical benefits of our products, most recently in assessing the benefits of our speed lace system compared to conventional laces. We also work on material reduction and incorporation of recycled materials without losing performance.

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