Our Story

Solutions Through Design Innovation


Half a century of driving sustainable growth by disruptive innovation

Founded in 1967 for the purpose of manufacturing and selling plastic fasteners, with more than half a century of experience we continue to evolve our business philosophy as we look towards the future. Our collaborative approach is centered on excellent communication with our customers.
We recognise that sharing our experience and skills openly and honestly is the sure path to mutual success. New ideas and new technology transform your ideas into the best consumer experiences, driving change through innovative design that challenges tired and conventional paradigms.
Our ability to meet changes in consumer expectations in our product design and philosophy is unmatched, exemplified by our movement towards totally recycled products and closed cycle zero waste production systems. Nifco continues to develop as a solution-oriented company that solves the problems faced by customers.

Better Living Through Innovation

Starting in the automotive industry, Nifco’s plastic fasteners transformed the industry with unique rust free, light weight designs that were easy to fit and remove. Our plastic fasteners contributed to labor saving and cost reductions in manufacturing processes as well as reduced environmental impact.
Every car produced in Japan contains more than 700 Nifco products, and today we apply our advanced design technology to manufacture a much wider range of automobile parts including dampers, latches, fuel system and transmission parts.
Our leading edge innovations have helped cars become safer, lighter, and more comfortable, and we have expanded the use of our technology to spark innovations in home life and appliances as well as sports and outdoor equipment and clothing. Nifco continues to innovate to enable people to lead a comfortable life as part of a sustainable society.

Our Vision is Our Strength

We continue to this day to create one new product after another, using our original ideas and technological capabilities. The innovations developed by Nifco engineers worldwide have been transformed into new technologies that have been integrated into every aspect of our lives, including our vehicles and homes.
Nifco creates high value products, and then connects values together to create further values. Our drive to exceed customer expectations is the force behind our creativity. We offer original products to provide solutions for customers’ requirements and issues. As a result we currently hold approximately 3,400 intellectual property rights worldwide.

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