When you look down at your feet, how many types of shoe fastener can you think of?

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The history of footwear and shoe fasteners is very long, and before plastic buckles and fasteners people used a variety of methods for keeping their shoes secure. You might be surprised to discover how many ancient methods of fastening footwear are still in use today, despite a revolution in shoe fastening technology!

What are 10 different types of shoe fastener?

  • Shoelaces
  • Straps
  • Hooks & Eyes
  • Buckles
  • Buttons
  • Velcro
  • Zips
  • Elastic toggles
  • Lace locks
  • Bungee fasteners

It’s surprising to think how many methods have been used to fasten shoes. How many different types of fastener do you have in your own shoe collection? When you think about how comfortable your shoes are, are there specific ways of fastening shoes that you find more comfortable? Or styles of shoes that are more comfortable to wear?

The development of shoe fasteners: from slip-on shoes to shoelaces

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The first footwear was probably slip-on, perhaps with simple strap fasteners, and we have evidence of shoes made of reeds with reed straps from over 3,000 years ago. The most common shoe fastening today is probably the shoelace, which is pretty much the same technology that was used by the Romans to fasten their sandals.

Are shoelaces really the best way to fasten shoes?

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Shoelaces might seem like the best way to fasten shoes, but that’s just because we’re so familiar with them. When you start to think about how often you have to stop to tie them because they’ve become loose, interrupting your walk or run, or tripping you up, they might not seem quite such a good idea.

Shoe buckles & Velcro fasteners

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There isn’t a lot of difference between a traditional shoe buckle and Velcro fasteners when you look at the mechanical principles that make them work. The change in appearance is more due to materials technology than functional innovation.

Zip & button fasteners for shoes

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Zips are a convenient way of fastening shoes quickly and easily, but like button fastening they are either difficult or impossible to adjust for different sizes of feet. This wasn’t such a problem in the days when shoes were made individually to fit people, but today an easy method of adjustment to ensure a secure fit is essential for comfort and safety.

Shoe fasteners need to be secure & comfortable

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Most people find trainers and sports shoes are the most comfortable shoes in their wardrobe. This is not surprising, because they are usually designed to be close fitting, flexible, and securely fastened – and these are important features that make us feel more comfortable by not making us change our natural movement pattern when we are walking or running.

Research has shown that you need to fasten your shoes securely to make them both more comfortable to wear, and to reduce the risk of injury. Today plastic buckle and fastener manufacturers have developed advanced methods of fastening shoes,including lace locks, which offer a very secure fit that is easy to tighten and release, and suitable for both leisure and performance shoes.

How has the lace lock revolutionized shoe fastening?

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At Nifco we have focused on creating shoe fasteners that maximize security and comfort while being very easy to use. This is how we developed the speed lace lock, suitable for leisure and performance shoes, and also our new range of bungee fasteners designed for children’s shoes.

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Our extensive speed lace lock range includes our popular SRLL Lace Locks and LX Lace Locks, both available in recycled POM for maximum sustainability. As part of our commitment to sustainability, our lace locks and bungee fasteners can be manufactured using recycled plastics as a standard option, without compromising on performance or durability.

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An important ease of use feature of our lace locks is that they can be locked and released one-handed, and stay fixed securely until released. Conventional shoelaces easily come undone, at best making you stop and retie them, and at worst causing slips, trips and falls. Completely secure Nifco lace locks offer peace of mind and make walking and running more enjoyable.

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Nifco’s innovative approach to sustainable shoe fastener design is reflected in our recycled PA6 product line, which includes our CS48 bungee cord lock reinvented as an easy to use fastener for children’s shoes.

Nifco offers the best fit for people and planet

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Our innovative approach to reinventing the shoe fastener and incorporating the latest sustainable principles is part of the Nifco drive to offer the best fit for people and planet. Our range of lace locks demonstrate that it is still possible to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of shoe fasteners, even after thousands of years of shoe design.

Contact us to discuss how we can supply new, functional and stylish shoe fastener solutions that maximize comfort and security while meeting the performance and sustainability requirements of your customers.