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Plastic Fasteners for Backpacks - Evolving Technology

At Nifco we never stand still. We have over 35 years of experience of making perfect solutions for the challenges of today. NIFCO Group holds 3,500 patents worldwide for innovative products including many of our advanced fasteners for backpacks.
The NIFCO Technology Development Center (NTDC) was established in Japan in 2013 to develop new products and technologies that combine excellent user experiences with ease of manufacturing.

The Best Fit Gives
The Best Experience

All our buckles and plastic fasteners for backpacks are designed to offer the best fit that connects people to the equipment they need for their lifestyle choices.

This helps people follow the healthiest and easiest path to a more fulfilled experience.

Quick Release Flat
Cord Lock: CLEA25

We prove our products with real people in real-life events. CLEA25 was inspired by ultra trail runners who told us that they don’t have the finger strength to use conventional backpack fasteners when they are exhausted by competition.

Quick Release Flat
Cord Lock: CLEA25

The result is revolutionary cord compression and natural operation: no push-buttons, just grab and pull with no ergonomic stress. Standard webbing cord locks have a holding strength of about 1kgf. CLEA25 remains easy to handle and gentle to the touch while achieving over 5kgf holding strength with 2.5mm bungee cord.

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