The Best Fit Solution
People & Planet

Fasteners That Connect Us To Our Lives

Buckles and fasteners are more than things that connect products to other products. At Nifco our aim is to design and manufacture buckles and fasteners that connect to humans with the best fit for comfort and effectiveness.

This is a holistic, human-centred view focused on an enjoyable customer experience.

Connecting Us To The Earth

Global fit is the other half of our corporate philosophy. Just as our products must offer the best fit between people and products, and we look for the best fit business solutions for our customers, we are focused on sustainable manufacturing and taking corporate responsibility to assist those less fortunate.

Our product designs reduce CO2 emissions and we recycle to minimise waste. We are increasingly using waste plastics in our manufacturing, both post-consumer and as trimmed pieces in our innovative closed-loop internal recycling process (re)Nifco.

Taking Action To Make
Our Environment Better

At a human level we see global fit as being concerned with our employees and our communities. We organise beach cleaning and Earth day events to raise employee and public awareness of the significance of sustainable manufacturing.
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